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Top Things to do at the Jersey Shore

From Sandy Hook to Cape May, you're guaranteed to find your perfect getaway! A walk along the beach at sunrise or sunset, a bike ride on one of the many boardwalks in New Jersey, bars, restaurants, you name it and it is here on the Shore! Here's my list of the top things you can do on the Shore no matter what part of Jersey you’re in!

Start Your Day With Pork Roll and Eggs at a Local Restaurant or Diner

Some call it Porkroll and others call it Taylor Ham. Whatever you decide to call it just know, it can only be found in New Jersey! With that being said, you need to give it try while you’re here! You can get it as a Pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich, you can get it in omelets, add it to the side of your eggs, and sometimes even on burgers. This delish meat goes well with any activity planned on the Jersey Shore.

Have Fun In and On The Water

New Jersey is surrounded by rivers, ponds, lakes, and best of all, the Atlantic Ocean! That means there are plenty of places to rent kayaks, jet skis, even take a surfing lesson! If those are a little too active for your style there are also fishing boats that go out for half of the day, whale and dolphin watching boats, you name it and New Jersey has it so get your sunscreen out and jump into a day on the water!

Eat Up Fresh Seafood

Speaking of water, NJ takes full advantage of the fact that it is so close to the water and makes sure to catch and produce the best seafood. For example, every year Belmar New Jersey hosts a major seafood festival that has live music, wine and craft beer, contests, kids’ activities, and of course seafood from all of the local seafood restaurants on the shore!

Sip on New Jersey’s Local and Craft Beer

If you noticed in the last paragraph, even at the Seafood festival there is a tent designated specifically for craft beer! That’s because New Jersey has well over 50 Breweries throughout the tiny state! We take our craft beer seriously and dedicate the same time to it as our seafood. There is actually a New Jersey Craft Beer Festival every year and it is held on one of our nation's oldest navy ships docked on the waters between New Jersey and Philadelphia. So you can admire Philly’s beautiful skyline while drinking New Jersey finest homemade beers.

Enjoy Live Music

Last but not least you did not have a Jersey Shore experience if you didn’t enjoy some local live music! I don’t exactly mean going to a big concert that requires standing the entire night waiting for the headlining act. But, if you do like that, that is definitely an option in New Jersey and on the Shore! New Jersey has a ton of venues that host major label acts! Some of those venues include PNC, Starland Ballroom, The Stone Pony, Game Changer World, Metlife Stadium and much more throughout the state. If you’re not looking for that major concert experience, there are plenty of local options that don’t even require looking for a lineup. Most of the beach bars along the shore have live music set up for you to listen to while you’re enjoying a nice cocktail after your day at the beach. Whether it’s cover bands covering your favorite radio hits in a mellow beach genre, or local bands who fit the genre for relaxing while you’re out having a good time in the sand New Jersey has plenty of that waiting for you to come, listen and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed my list of top things to enjoy at the Shore! I wish you a summer full of sunscreen and sunsets, good friends and good food and most of all, memories to last a lifetime.

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