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7 Warning Signs It’s Time To Sell

As the housing market has been booming since the pandemic, many people have been on the fence about taking advantage of this market to sell their homes. Even if you’re not looking to sell your house anytime soon, here are seven warning signs that it JUST might be time.

1. Your House Is Too Big

Do you find yourself only using certain parts of your home? Many empty nesters find they are only using a few rooms in their house. If you have too many unused spaces in your house that are becoming spare rooms and storage spaces, take it as a sign that your home is too big for your current needs.

2. Your House Requires Too Much Work

Keeping up with your house’s maintenance is no small feat. From landscaping, routine repairs, and household chores, giving your home the TLC it needs can be a tough AND EXPENSIVE job. When you begin struggling to keep up with your house’s needs, consider this as a sign it may be time to sell!

3. Maintenance/ Taxes Are Too Expensive

Not only is maintenance on your home time-consuming, but it can be expensive too. The cost of maintaining your home can pile up quickly. On top of that, the cost of property taxes and the cost of living in OUR area may IS on the rise. IS the high cost of living justifiable based on your current needs?

4. You Need A New Furnace/AC Unit or Appliances

A broken furnace or air conditioning unit can ruin your comfort in both the winter and the summer. Gone are the days when appliances lasted forever! As these units come with costly repairs of upwards of thousands of dollars, the investment to replace them might not be worthwhile if you do not plan on staying in your house for many years to come.

5. Winters Are Getting Too Long

Do Winters seem like they are getting longer? If you’re feeling restricted and suffering from cabin fever maybe it’s time to relocate somewhere warmer.

6. Your House Doesn’t Give You Joy

Taken right out of Markie Kondo’s books, a house should be a home full of comfort and joy. If the weight of maintenance and expenses distract you from enjoying your home, it might be time to sell your house. A change of scenery and a new home may help you reignite the spark of joy you once had for your home.

7. You Constantly Worry About Your House

Being a homeowner is a big responsibility. While it can be rewarding, it is hard to appreciate your home when you constantly worry about its maintenance, cost, and future. By selling your home, you can put your mind at ease regarding your current home’s responsibilities.

Instead of investing your time and money in heating unused rooms, always having an endless to-do list, or having to make expensive repairs to your home, it might be time to sell and make those warning signs disappear.

If you are considering selling or just wondering about the value of your home, please contact me at 732.859.7808 or for a confidential, no-obligation consultation! Buying, selling, renting, or just curious, I am always available to discuss any and all of your real estate needs.

Visit my blog to learn more from The Shore’s true local expert! If you liked this content, be sure to check out the rest of my blogs for more real estate information!

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