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No Shoes Required

Nick Churton from the Diane Turton Realtors’ London office, kicks off his shoes and relaxes into a landmark beachfront home in New Jersey.

The Agent: Cindy Napp

I’m not for a moment suggesting you may feel smug, but when sipping cold French Rosé on the ocean-view, wraparound veranda of 1611 Ocean Drive in Spring Lake, I think you might be permitted a moment of personal satisfaction.

As you relax there, looking at the passers-by looking at you, and waving to neighbors and friends, you should be allowed to congratulate yourself on a job well done and on a purchase well made.

Owning a front line house in Spring Lake is a big deal. It is undoubtedly a big deal for the children and perhaps grandchildren – no, especially the grandchildren, as this house is a grandchildren magnet. It draws them to you. Having done that, it gives them something to do – all the time. The beach is across the road. A barefoot, sun-soaked summer is guaranteed.

So far we haven’t even gone past the veranda. It is worth going further. This is a beautifully fitted, decorated and maintained home with several bedrooms (out of 8) having outstanding ocean views. On the ground floor, there are generous living spaces, ideal for decompressing after the beach – and after dark entertaining. Or sit on the stoop sipping Rosé. It is up to you; this is your dream come true.

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