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Everything You Need To Know For July 4th

I’ve lived at the beach my entire life, so I’ve had my fair share of summer fun. Living here for so long, I’ve seen tourists make all kinds of mistakes when visiting the shore, especially on Fourth of July weekend. To help simplify your expedition to the Jersey Shore, here is everything you need to know before hitting the beach!

  1. Use baby powder to get sand off: Baby powder is perfect for getting sand off your body! It will cause the sand to instantly drop off of you, never go to the beach without some!

  2. The early setup cheat code: Want to get the best parking and spot to sit on the beach? Get there bright and early. You can even leave your car overnight with all your beach items ensuring when you arrive the next day you are good to go!

  3. How to keep your drinks and snacks cold: Not all beaches let you use coolers but there is an easy solution. Bag what you want to keep chilled, and then dig a small hole in the sand. The deeper you go the colder the sand is! Just throw a towel over it and you have an all natural cooler.

  4. Use Empty Peanut Butter Jars: Empty and clean a peanut butter jar and bring it to the beach with you. It will keep your keys, wallet, and phone sand free! It also is shockproof and will protect them if you drop them.

One of the best parts about the Jersey Shore during a holiday weekend is that there is always SO MUCH going on! From fireworks to local restaurants to the best beaches, here’s everything that you need to know in order to have the perfect holiday!

Hit The Beach

What is a summer holiday without spending your days at the beach? Can you even say you are enjoying summer without having sand in between your toes? Luckily Monmouth County has some of the greatest beaches you will ever get the pleasure of getting to spend the day on. With everything from surfing to Volleyball, these beaches will keep you busy from sunup to sundown!

  • Belmar Beach

  • Avon by the Sea

  • Asbury Park Beach

  • Manasquan Beach

  • Spring Lake

  • Sea Girt

  • Bradley Beach

Northern Ocean County boardwalks

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk (Point Pleasant Beach)

If you need a fun day out with the kids, you can’t go wrong by going to Jenkinson's boardwalk. Jenks has arcades, games, rides, a fun house, mini golf, everything! The only thing you need is a perfect summer day and you can enjoy an ideal outing with your kids. There is even an aquarium filled with rescue animals just ready to meet and greet your children! The only question you should have when you get to Jenks is, where will you be parking?

Fireworks Along The Beach

What is a 4th of July without fireworks? With gorgeous beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, you can sit on the beach all night and watch the fireworks as far away as your eyes can reach. To pick the perfect night for your firework viewing, here are some of the best 4th of July celebrations put on in Monmouth County.

  • Long Branch, July 4th

  • Manasquan, July 3rd

  • Bradley Beach, July 3rd

  • Atlantic Highlands, July 6th

  • Asbury Park, July 4th

Best Firework Shows In And Around Monmouth County

4th of July is possible the most important holiday for fireworks of the entire year! What other day encourages people to set off color explosions in the sky? Definitely not Christmas or Halloween. Luckily Monmouth County and the Jersey Shore offer some of the best 4th of July fireworks. When we say some of the best, we mean it! These are fireworks you won’t be forgetting! Here are some of the best firework shows in and around Monmouth County

  • Seaside, July 4th, 9:30 pm

  • Asbury Park, July 4th

  • Freehold Raceway, July 3rd

  • Hazlet, July 3rd

Party All Weekend

What could be more American than going out for a drink to celebrate the birth of our nation? Monmouth County has some of the finest bars and clubs anywhere in the world, why wouldn’t you want to go out and party? Not only are these the best bars of the bunch, they also have the best food of any bar on the shore! Best of all, most of the bars are having special 4th of July deals! Fill your glass and your belly this 4th of July holiday!

  • Bar Anticipation, Belmar

  • Osprey, Manasquan

  • Johnny Macs, Asbury Park

  • Djais, Belmar

  • Headliner, Belmar

  • The Columns, Avon

  • The Parker House, Sea Girt

Best Places To Eat

After a long day at the beach, you are definitely going to be looking for the perfect place to fill your belly. Luckily you are in Monmouth County and have some of the best Jersey Shore restaurants to choose from! Whether you want seafood or a burger, Monmouth County has got you covered. The only problem you will be running into is wondering where you will be able to sit!

  • 9th Ave Pier, Belmar

  • Klein's Fish Market, Belmar

  • Rooney’s Oceanfront, Long Branch

  • Marina Grille, Belmar

  • The Avon Pavilion, Avon

  • Bareli’s By The Sea, Spring lake

Ice Cream Places

What's the 4th of July without some classic all American ice cream? A nice ice cream to snack on while watching fireworks is the ultimate 4th experience! Now if there is anything Monmouth County can boast about it is there amazing ice cream shops! Whether you want a simple cup of vanilla or something as exotic as choco-candy swirl, you can get it at these amazing ice cream shops. Don’t let your taste buds miss out on these marvelous places!

  • Hoffman's, Spring Lake Heights

  • Sundaes The Ice Cream Place, Wall

  • Cookman Creamery, Asbury Park

  • Coney Waffle, Belmar

  • Strollos Italian Ice, Belmar

  • Sundae Times, Spring Lake

Best Pizza On The Jersey Shore

Is there anything better than a slice of Pizza? Can you a name a more perfect creation of man than a delicious, warm, tempting pie of pizza? After a long day at the beach, you must be craving nothing more than the perfect slice, but you need to find it first. No worries there friend, we’ve got you covered. Here are the Jersey Shore's best pizza restaurants!

  • Federico’s Pizzeria, Belmar

  • Pete & Elda’s Bar, Neptune City

  • Fresh Kitchen, Sea Girt

  • Squan Tavern, Manasquan

  • MedUSA, Asbury Park

Best Mexican Food On The Shore

Is there anything better than Mexican food? It has to be one of the most delicious kinds of food on Earth! It also has endless possibilities! You can put just about anything into a quesadilla or mix your favorite foods in a delicious burrito. But what if you don’t feel like cooking while on your Jersey Shore vacation? Here are the best Mexican restaurants on the Jersey Shore!

  • La Tapatia Restaurant, Asbury Park

  • 10th Ave Burrito, Belmar

  • MOGO, Asbury Park

  • Jose’s Mexican Food, Spring Lake Heights

  • Barrio Costero, Asbury Park

Best Restaurants On The Shore Tourists Don’t Know About

Summer is great but the crowds it brings a definitely not. Sure it’s great to hit the beach for a day of fun but when you go out to dinner afterward you are gonna get stuck waiting for who knows how long! What are you to do? Well here are 4 of the best places to hang out at the shore that only the locals know about!

  • Taphouse, Spring Lake Heights

  • Grandma’s Meatball, Manasquan

  • Simply Southern, Belmar

  • Cardinal Provisions, Asbury Park

  • At the Table, Asbury Park

July 4th at the Jersey Shore is always a magical weekend, so be sure that you use these tips to your advantage! For all local insights at the Jersey Shore and Monmouth County, I am here!

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