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Spend Your Summer at The Jersey Shore

Summer 2021 is just a few calendar pages away! This means that NOW is the time to book your summer rentals at the Jersey Shore! Before you book, it is essential to know what type of house fits your rental needs. If you’re unsure where to start, consider these rental traits that can be helpful when booking your perfect summer rental.

Location, Location, Location!

The best part of a summer rental is its close vicinity to the beach! Ocean-front houses offer a luxury view of the ocean with walking access to the beach in minimal time and will be priced accordingly. Summer houses a few blocks away from the beach can be closer to downtown areas which make it simple to access restaurants and shops.

With an ocean-front view, this front porch is the perfect place to watch the sunrise and entertain guests.

Complimentary Beach Badges

These days, beach badges are a coveted item. Most shore towns have had pre-season sales of badges and they have sold out! If your vacation dream is spending your days on the beach make sure your rental includes beach badges affording you unlimited beach access anytime you want.

Front Porches

Who wouldn’t enjoy the luxury of breathing in the sea air without having to step foot off of your rental? Great for sipping your morning coffee and entertaining guests, front porches are the perfect place to comfortably and privately take in the beauty of the Jersey Shore at any time of day.

This 5 BR home located in the heart of Spring Lake has a beautiful private deep porch with comfortable seating.


There is no better way to explore your beach town than with a self-guided bike tour. Most rental homes down-the-shore don’t include bikes. There are s few bike rental places you can rent them for your stay. Since parking is often limited in shore towns, biking can be a great alternative to driving and exploring your new shore town.


Anyone who has visited the Jersey Shore knows that parking by the beach can be difficult, especially on weekends. Make sure you review the parking situation. Some towns prohibit parking on the street overnight. Take into account how many cars you will have. If everyone in your family brings a car and the driveway won’t fit them make sure you know where the overflow is going. Pro Tip - take it from someone who knows! Everyone's car keys should be left on the kitchen counter before they go to bed. The” I stayed out all night person” does not want to be woken up by the “I want to get coffee and see the sunrise person” looking for the keys to the last car parked in the driveway.


While swimming in the ocean is a refreshing way to cool off on a hot summer day, pools included in rental homes provide a much more private alternative for anyone who is looking to take a dip. Pools and jacuzzis are great for families and other renters that like to entertain guests, especially for those who prefer to swim after the sun goes down. Pools are at a premium, homes with pools usually get booked up first.

This 3 BR home has a heated saltwater pool set in a private backyard.

Booking Early

With summer right around the corner, you must book your summer rentals now before they’re all gone! Booking your seasonal rental now ensures that you’ll have the best house with the optimal location to unwind at the shore within your budget.

To book your perfect summer rental, call Cindy today at 732-859-7808!

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