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Cindy's 2017 Beach Badge Guide

It’s finally feeling like Summer here in New Jersey! With so many beautiful beaches along the Jersey Shore, it’s hard to keep track of how much each costs and how to go about getting your badge. I’ve created a list of my top New Jersey Beach choices along with their badge information to help keep it all straight so you can reference it throughout the season!

  • Daily badges: $5.00 for Monday through Friday, $7.00 for Saturday & Sunday

  • Seasonal badges: $70 for adults ages 18-61, $20 for teens ages 13-17, $20 for seniors ages 62 and older

Purchase beach badges on your mobile device through Viply. For more information, contact the Boardwalk Beach Office, Boardwalk at First Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ, (732)502-8863.

  • Daily badges: $9.00 for 12 or older

  • Seasonal badges: $90.00 for ages 19-64, $45.00 for ages 64 and over, $45.50 for ages 12-18

Badges can be purchased at Tag Booths on Washington Avenue, Sylvania Avenue, and Norwood Avenue.

  • Daily badges: $10.00

  • Seasonal badges: $105.00 for ages 12 through 64, $75.00 for ages 65 and older

For more information, contact Borough Hall, 423 Warren Avenue, Spring Lake, New Jersey 07762 at 732-449-0800 ext. 617.

The Beach is open full time starting June 17 and beach badges can be picked up at the Pavilion anytime between 9:00 – 4:00 pm through the summer season.

To purchase 2017 season beach badges, please register here. 2017 Beach Tags information will be posted soon. Call (732)449-9335 for more information.

  • Daily badges: $9.00

  • Weekly badges: $85.00

  • Seasonal badges for now through April 23, 2017: $80.00 for ages 17 and older, $35.00 for ages 12 through 16, $25.00 for ages 65 and older

For more information, contact Manasquan Beach Office, Beachfront & Main Street, Manasquan, NJ 08736 at (732)223-0544.

  • Daily badges: $8.00

  • Seasonal badges: $85.00

For more information contact the Bay Head Improvement Association, corner of Lake Ave. & Mount Street, Bay Head, NJ 08742 at (732)892-4179.

Which New Jersey Beach is your favorite summer getaway?

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